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W Dev Kit Proto Case [0101-A]


Prototyping case for the ODROID-W Development Kit. Not intended for finished products, but only as a rough project case for the development kit. These are 3D printed in 0.4mm draft mode for the bottom and 0.2mm fine mode for the top using ABS plastic, so imperfections will exist. Acetone-treated for durability and glossy finish. The 3D files are provided below for free.


  • Available in multiple colors (specify color preference above)
  • 3D Printed with ABS plastic
  • Case exposes all ports on the W dev kit (power button not accessible)
  • Sufficient room to house the 750mAh battery and RTC battery inside the case
  • Access to unplug the 750mAh battery without opening case

  • Imperfections will exists
  • Not intended for finished products
  • Editable 3D files require the free Autodesk 123D Design program available at