ODROID-VU7-Plus - 7 inch HDMI Display with Multitouch (1024x600)

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This 7-inch multi-touch screen for ODROID and other systems (capable of outputting 1024x600 resolution) gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, game consoles, infotainment systems and embedded systems. The 1024x600 display connects via an HDMI link board or cable (both included) and a microUSB link board or cable (both included) which handles power and signal. Power is supplied through the microUSB jack. This high-quality touchscreen is specifically designed to work with both Android and Linux on the ODROID-C0/C1+/C2 and XU4 with the latest OS updates, but should work with any system capable of outputting at 1024x600 resolution and with a suitable touchscreen driver.




  • 7-inch TFT-LCD
  • Screen Resolution: 1024x600 pixels 
  • 5 finger capacitive touch input
  • Power consumption : 600mA/5Volt
  • Backlight on/off slide switch
  • Viewing angle (in degree) : Left 75, Right 75, Up 75 Down 75
  • Screen Dimensions : 172.9 x 124.3 x 15 mm Including switch and connectors)
  • Viewable screen size : 153.6 x 86.64 mm (active area)


  • (A) Fully assembled 7inch 1024x600 TFT LCD with 5-point multi-touch screen
  • (B) 6 x 3.5mm screws
  • (C) 3 x Hex nuts
  • (D) Micro USB Link Board
  • (E) Micro HDMI Link Board
  • (F) Micro-to-TypeA USB Cable (approx. 35cm)
  • (G) Micro-to-Micro USB Cable (approx. 35cm)
  • (H) TypeA-to-TypeA HDMI cable (approx. 35cm)
  • ALL MODELS: If selecting the ameriDroid Tablet Case Kit add-on to this display, please check the details at http://ameridroid.com/products/ameridroid-vu7-tablet-kit
  • ALL MODELS LINUX: Chromium browser supports multi-touch pinch/zoom.
  • ALL MODELS: During both the boot and power down process, the screen may show digital "noise" due to the lack of an off-sync filter circuit on the screen's controller board.
  • ALL MODELS: The backlight control is not addressable via software, but there is a hardware slide switch.
  • ALL MODELS ANDROID: Please check the wiki pages at http://odroid.com/dokuwiki/doku.php for the Android releases. The first boot of Android will automatically generate the boot.ini file. Insert the boot media into another computer to edit the boot.ini file with the appropriate settings for the VU7-Plus.
  • ODROID-C0/C1/C1+ ANDROID: To use the touchscreen on Android on the C0/C1/C1+, use Android version 2.4 or higher.
  • ODROID-C2 ANDROID: To use the touchscreen on Android on the C2, use Android version 1.2 or higher.

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