Roshambo Retro Gaming Case

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Come out and play! The Roshambo Retro Gaming case from Pine is here, adding a world of possibilities and versatility to your retro gaming setup. Built to accept Rock64, ROCKPro64, Tinkerboard, Raspberry Pi, and possibly other SBCs, this case is inspired by the Super Famicom systems of the 1990s. The cartridge slot and eject button are also functional, and Pine will offer 128GB and 256GB SSDs shaped as cartridges for the Roshambo case, including a SATA to USB 3.0 connector in the cartridge slot for fast transfer between the cartridge and the board and network via GbE.



  • Super Famicom inspired case
  • All buttons and switches functional
  • SATA port in cartridge slot
  • Cartridge-shaped SSDs (128GB / 256GB)
  • Matching SNES-inspired controllers with analogue triggers and buttons
  • Safe shutdown functionality via GPIO
  • Rock64, RockPro64, Tinkerboard and Raspberry Pi compatibility



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