myAHRS+ (Attitude Heading Reference System)

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myAHRS+ is a high performance AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System). This is useful for determining the physical orientation of the module for many projects.

  • Its attitude output is more stable to acceleration and magnetic disturbances
  • Communication and configuration are enabled via UART/USB interface for user applications
  • I2C interface is available for embedded applications (like Arduino projects)
  • myAHRS+ GUI Monitor is available, which allows users to configure all myAHRS+ settings, view the attitude of myAHRS+ and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data in realtime, and save sensor data in a text file
  • Custom user software may be developed using the myAHRS+ SDK



  • This product was developed & manufactured by WITHROBOT Co., LTD
  • Board schematics and firmware source code will not be released to the public.






  • Triple axis 16-bit gyroscope : ± 2000 dps
  • Triple axis 16-bit accelerometer : ± 16 g
  • Triple axis 13-bit magnetometer : ± 1200 μT 


On board software


  • Extended Kalman filter
  • max 100 Hz output rate (Attitude : Euler angle, Quaternion) (Sensor : acceleration, rotation rate, magnetic field)




  • USB : Virtual COM PORT
  • UART : Standard baud rates up to 460800 bps
  • I2C : up to 1kHz


GUI (myAHRS+ Monitor)


  • Display attitude and sensor data from myAHRS+ on various viewers
  • Configuration
  • Magnetometer calibration 

 Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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