eMMC Module U Linux (Red Dot)

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Don't Forget Your eMMC Reader!

This eMMC comes preinstalled with an OS. However, if you wish to back up this eMMC to your computer or write a new OS image to it, you'll need a way to hook it up to another computer with one of the two following solutions:


  • Pre-installed XUbuntu 14.04 (or later version) for ODROID-U2 / U3
  • Ready-to-run
  • 8GB eMMC interface from Sandisk (Exynos4412 eMMC host version is 4.41)
  • Real-world read speed up to 160MB/sec
Does not include USB to MicroSD reader - picture for illustration purposes only



  • ODROID-U2 / U3



Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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