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ODROID-C1/C1+/C2 Case (Black)


When ordering, please specify if you want a case for the C1 (legacy model with microHDMI port) or the C1+ (new model with full-sized HDMI port).

This translucent black case has openings for all the outputs including the GPIO pins, making it a great fit for projects that need to connect to external hardware.  The GPIO cover can be easily removed by cutting a few tabs.


  • Strong & durable poly-carbonate plastic
  • Snap tabs keep the case together under normal use
  • Removable GPIO plate
  • 2 included screws may be used to optionally lock the two halves of the case together for a more permanent assembly (1 screw included as a spare)
  • 90 x 59 x 28mm dimensions
  • 32g weight