ODROID-H2 Case Type 2


Available for pre-order.

As of 6/28/19 we have sold out of our initial allotment! More coming soon!
This ODROID-H2 “Case Type 2” is designed for the user who needs high performance network with a minimal or regular range storages. Basically, this is the fanless design and the heated air from a processor can be blow out through the 92mm cooling fan hole on top of this enclosure. But you also can install a 92x92mm standard PC cooling fan (optional) at the hole if the decent power for the fan is supplied.



  • Supported storages:

On-board eMMC 5.1 module

On-board M.2 NVMe (NGFF-2280)

  • “SATA Data and Power Cable” must be purchased
  • The disk drive mounting screws (M3x6mm) are included in the package.
  • The power and reset switches are accessible through the hole at the front
  • Optional power on/off switch (diameter 16mm) can be installed at the front panel

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