ODROID-H2 Case Type 6

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The ODROID-H2 Case Type 6 is designed for users desiring high performance networking but don't need to add SATA drives inside the enclosure. This case can be run fanless -- hot air can escape through the 92mm cooling fan opening -- or a 92x92mm standard PC cooling fan (optional) can be installed for active cooling.

  • Supported storage
    • On-board eMMC 5.1 module
    • On-board M.2 NVMe (NGFF-2280)
  • This case is compatible with the H2 Net Card (available separately)
  • The Type 6 case does not have extra space for SATA drives to be mounted internally
  • Disk drive mounting screws (M3x6mm) are included in the package
  • Power and reset switches are accessible through the hole at the front
  • Optional LED Power Button (diameter: 16mm) can be installed at the front
  • Size: 128 (L) x 132 (W) x 68 (H) mm
  • A. Top panel
  • B. Bottom panel
  • C. Front panel
  • D. Left panel
  • E. Right panel
  • F. Back panel
  • G. 1 x 92mm Stainless Cooling Fan Grill
  • H. 8 x 6mm M3 Truss Head Bolts
  • I. 4 x M5 Nuts
  • J. 4 x M5 Truss Head Bolts
  • K. 4 x 20mm (M) PCB Supports
  • L. 2 x 16x9mm (M) Steel PCB Supports
  • M. 4 x 40mm (F) PCB Supports
  • N. 4 x Rubber Feet (Round / Clear)


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