PINE64 Clusterboard

The PINE64 Clusterboard can host up to 7 SOPINE A64 compute modules, expanding its functionality as a fully featured cluster server. The Clusterboard has an inbuilt 8 Gigabit Ethernet port unmanaged switch.

NOTE: The Clusterboard is a development board that requires experience with operating headless Linux systems. The first batch of CLUSTERBOARDS are from the pilot run and have a jumper wire glued down to the board due to the eMMC module needing a pull up resistor in order to work properly.

Please use either a +5V 15A power supply with 6.3mm OD/3.0mm ID barrel type DC Jack or a ATX power supply (please note that some ATX power supplies may require a load to power up the board).

The two supplied 15W 10 Ohm resistors are to create a dummy load for some ATX power supplies. Some ATX power supplies only power up when a load is detected. However, most ATX power supplies that were tested do NOT need the dummy load. The two supplied resistors are for a 
dummy load at 3.3V and 12V line. 

  • SoM Slots –  7x SO-DIMM slot for SOPINE A64 modules
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45)(All SoMs are connected via Gigabit Ethernet using 7x RTL8211E transceivers and RTL8370N network switch)
  • USB – 7x USB 2.0 port, one per SoM
  • Expansion – Headers for each SoM with UART (serial console), I2C, key ADC, GPIOs, SPI, RESET/POWER 5V and GND
  • RTC, reset button, optional EEPROM connected to RTL8370N
  • Power Supply - 5V/15A via power barrel jack/ATX connector
  • 2x battery slot for RTC battery backup, and buffer the AXP803 PMICs in deep suspend

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