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VuShell Smoky Blue Case [0021B]


VuShell is a laser cut acrylic enclosure for the ODROID-VU7. You can make your own desktop PC with the VuShell case. VuShell allows for two different viewing angles.


  • Dimension : 206 x 206 x 193 mm(approx. assembled)
  • Weight : 395g approx.
  • Color : Smoky Blue

  • A. Front piece
  • B. Left side piece
  • C. Right side piece
  • D. Bottom1 piece
  • E. Bottom2 piece
  • F. Bottom3 piece
  • G. Cover piece
  • H. 16 x 5 mm screws (Philips dual round head, metal)
  • I. 4 x 6 mm screws (Philips pan head, metal)
  • J. 8 x 8mm female hex PCB spacers (metal)

  • A small Phillips head screwdriver is required for assembly
  • Laser-cut acrylic pieces, screws and spacers are included
  • ODROID-VU7 and related accessories are NOT included