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Customer Review: ODROID-N2+

Customer Review: ODROID-N2+

Incredible power at a very good price!

By Psiborg

I don't have room here to list the amount of fun programs and projects I have doing with this wonderful bit of tech. It can run sooo many different OS's, with GPU acceleration. I can run Dolphin emu Gamecube games and full speed in Vulkan. I can run Ubuntu with full desktop GPU acceleration. The single thread sysbench score BEATS* my very efficient Ryzen 5 3600, and the 6 thread run comes close, amazing!!!! Barely gets warm under heavy load, gets EXTREME scores in AES encryption on Geekbench5. It can run multiple Docker containers without a care. I am certain 2 or 3 of these in a cluster would out compile most desktop cpu's until you get into the over $1000 ones. The community on the forums is welcoming and helpful, I love that. All I can say is there is not another SBC like it for the money that can do everything this does. Buy at least one and you will get hooked like me!!!

* Editor's note: When comparing sysbench and other benchmark scores, it is important to make sure the same version of sysbench (or other benchmark software) is running on all machines tested. Large variations can occur if different versions are running. As we don't know what versions were run on the different machines referenced, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of these claims.

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