Good Read: July 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

Good Read: July 2019 Issue of ODROID Magazine

  • GO Green with “Envi”: A Qwiic Environmental Combo Sensor for Your Beloved Game Machine
  • Do It Yourself 6-bay Network Access Storage (NAS): Leveraging the Power of the ODROID-H2
  • The G Spot: Your Go-to Destination for all Things Android Gaming
  • Kodi and Advanced Mame on ODROID-XU4 - Part 2
  • Zoneminder - Part 2: Building the Package From Source on the ODROID-XU4
  • How to Build a Monku Retro Gaming Console - Part 3: Building The Case
  • Yocto on the ODROID-C2: Using Yocto with Kernel 5.0
  • Linux Gaming on ODROID: Gaming on ODROID-N2 – Desktop and gl4es
  • ODROID-Go Thermal Infrared Camera
  • RetroELEC for the ODROID-XU4: Emulation Station, RetroArch and Kodi In One Convenient Image
  • Lutris: Gaming on the ODROID-H2

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