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Home Assistant Green

Home Assistant Green

Upgrade your smart home with Home Assistant Green for only $99.95




Take your first step to upgrading your smart home with Home Assistant Green, the easiest way to start using Home Assistant.

Ready. Set. Go. — The affordable Home Assistant Green is the easiest way you can start using Home Assistant. It's plug-and-play and comes with Home Assistant already installed.

Great quality yet affordable

Home Assistant Green for only $99.95


Powerful hardware lets you control and automate everything in your home from a single app with Home Assistant.

You can add Home Assistant SkyConnect for Zigbee and Matter-over-Thread, set up Home Assistant Cloud for voice assistants, and integrate third-party USB accessories to support other smart standards such as Z-Wave.

The perfect hardware for Home Assistant. Home Assistant Green ensures a fast and smooth Home Assistant user experience.


Hardware specifications

SoC: Rockchip RK3566 SoC with quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 CPU
CPU Frequency: 1.8 GHz
Storage: 32 GB eMMC flash drive
Memory: 4 GB LPDDR4X


Status LEDs:   
  • White (power indicator)
  • Green (activity indicator)
  • Yellow (system health indicator)
Power supply: DC barrel connector, 5.5 mm * 2.1 mm, 12 V DC, 1 A
Battery: CR2032. Not included. Optional.
Energy consumption:
  • Idle: ~1.7 W at 12 V
  • Load: ~3 W at 12 V
USB: 2x USB 2.0 Type-A Host ports, 5 V up to 2 A (combined)
Display: HDMI port, for diagnostic purposes only
External storage: MicroSD slot, for recovery purposes only
Networking: Gigabit Ethernet port

Dimensions and weight

Length: 112 mm / 4.41 inches
Width: 112 mm / 4.41 inches
Height: 32 mm / 1.26 inches
Weight: 340 g / 12 oz


Enclosure: Semi-transparent polycarbonate plastic
Heatsink: Anodized aluminum
Packaging: Chipboard

Environmental conditions for operation

  • O °C to 40 °C
  • 32 °F to 104 °F
Humidity: Non-condensing
Room conditions: Indoor use only. Keep in dry, not excessively dusty environment as this can cause damage to the unit.

Product information

Model No.: NC-GREEN-1175
Conformity: CE, FCC
Origin: Made in PRC
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Bo - February 27, 2024

Yes, we sell a Z-Wave dongle:

We also sell other Zooz Z-Wave devices and will be adding more Z-Wave devices shortly!

Seer Snively - February 27, 2024

Do you sell a Z-Wave dongle that is compatible with this? Maybe a Green + SkyConnect + Z-Wave combo kit would be perfect.

Peter Bowman - February 27, 2024

Hello, I received my HA GREEN three days ago and it looks like I should have purchased the dongle to communicate via Z-wave. Do you sell any of the recommended devices?

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