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How-To: Build a Tank Robot with an ODROID-GO

How-To: Build a Tank Robot with an ODROID-GO

From ODROID Magazine:

Using an ODROID-GO handheld gaming system for controlling a couple of small DC motors that are housed inside a treaded tank robot is easier than you may think. This chore is even more remarkable when you learn that only two of the GO’s general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins are used for this task.


After switching on the ODROID-GO, connect your smart device to the ODROID-GO WiFi access point created inside the program’s code, and use your browser to load the code-generated Web page at: By pressing “LEFT” on this Web page, you should see a red display on the ODROID-GO and the left tread should move, this action will turn the tank right. Pressing “RIGHT” turns the display green and moves the tank left, while pressing forward runs both treads and drives the tank ahead.

ameriDroid's Recommended Parts List (approx. $140 total):

The full how-to article can be read here.

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