How-To: Install EmuELEC on the ODROID-Go Super

How-To: Install EmuELEC on the ODROID-Go Super

In this video, Brandon shows where to find EmuELEC for various systems, how to download EmuELEC for the ODROID-Go Super (OGS), and how to write it to a microSD card.

This method also works for other operating systems for other retro game console systems and single board computers.

EmuElec first time overview:

How to add games on EmuElec:


En este video, Brandon nos muestra donde encontrar EmuElec para varios sistemas, como descargar EmuElec para ODROID-Go Super (OGS), y como grabar la imagen en una tarjeta microSD.

Usando EmuElec por primera vez:

Agregando juegos a EmuElec:


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