How-To: Reimage the Built-In eMMC on Khadas VIM3

How-To: Reimage the Built-In eMMC on Khadas VIM3

Since the VIM3 and VIM3L has built in storage, Khadas has pre-loaded it with Android, though this may not be what every user wants. However, there is a way to re-flash the built-in OS -- Khadas’ guide can be found here. The materials required are as follows:

  • VIM3 or VIM3L
  • USB-C cable (NOTE: ensure the cable can connect to both the computer and VIM3)
  • Windows or Linux computer


  • Download the desired image from Khadas’ archive (VIM3, VIM3L) and extract the .img using 7Zip, or your favorite decompression tool. If you are downloading Ubuntu, make sure to navigate to the eMMC folder.
  • Extract and run the setup executable, then open the tool.
  • Connect the VIM3 or VIM3L to the computer and switch the board into “Upgrade Mode,” which can be done by holding the power button, pressing the reset button, and after ten seconds release the power button. The board should appear in the tool like so:

  • From here,
    • click the File tab
    • click Import Image
    • find the downloaded image
    • Click start and let it run (NOTE: to cancel the tool, click stop. Keep in mind, once 15% has been reached, the eMMC may have been erased)

Once finished, click stop, and then disconnect the board. When you boot the board again, the new OS will be flashed to the eMMC.

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