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How-To: Use Mini USB-TTL Adapter

How-To: Use Mini USB-TTL Adapter

Adapter to ATmega328by Miguel Alatorre, ameriDroid technician:

Check out the new FT232RL Mini USB to TTL Serial Adapter for use with the ATmega328 microcontroller. With the new adapter, programming the ATmega is easier than ever! To connect the two, use F-F jumper wires to connect them like in the included picture. The colors of the wires don't matter as long as you connect them to the same pins as the ones in the picture.

[You can program your own microcontroller! It's pretty easy!]

For a quick test, open the “Blink” example in the Arduino IDE, found under “File → Examples → Basics →Blink”. While the ATmega comes pre-loaded with the Blink sketch, simply change the delay time to another value, like 100 for example, and hit upload to see the changes. You don’t need to hold the button during the flashing process any more!

[Also, check out our getting started video for more details:]

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