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Chamberlain MyQ Garage Doors Lock Out Customers From Full Control

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Doors Lock Out Customers From Full Control

From (emphasis added by ameridroid editor):

On December 6, 2023, with the release of Home Assistant 2023.12, the MyQ integration will bid farewell. If you're a MyQ user, you're likely aware of the challenges it has posed in recent times. This integration, which allows you to control your MyQ garage door opener, has been in a constant cycle of breaking and fixing. The root of this problem lies in the actions taken by MyQ to block access from third-party apps.

Chamberlain Group, the parent company of MyQ, issued a statement through their CTO, Dan Phillips, explaining their decision to block unauthorized usage of MyQ via third-party apps. While they claim this is to enhance the user experience, it means that MyQ will only work with their app or authorized partners.

Home Assistant have tried to reach an understanding with Chamberlain Group but have not received an official response. It appears that Chamberlain Group's decision is final, and users will be restricted to using their app or approved partners.

The question of whether Home Assistant could become an authorized partner arises, but it comes at a cost – partner companies pay Chamberlain Group for this privilege. Unfortunately, this approach is not compatible with Home Assistant's open-source principles. MyQ users should have the freedom to access their devices and data without additional fees imposed by a third party.

As Lash-L, the maintainer of the MyQ integration, puts it, we're in a cat-and-mouse game with MyQ, and the cat is currently winning. In situations where a company becomes hostile to its customers, the only way to win is not to play their game at all. We advise against purchasing products or services from companies that treat their customers this way.

Given that Home Assistant can no longer circumvent Chamberlain Group's restrictions, they regret to announce that the MyQ integration will be removed from Home Assistant in the upcoming 2023.12 release on December 6, 2023. Home Assistant hopes Chamberlain Group will reconsider their stance and are open to welcoming back this integration if they work with them in the interest of their customers.

For current MyQ users, we recommend exploring alternatives like "ratgdo." This fully local, ESPHome-based solution is compatible with MyQ's security+ protocol and can be easily integrated into your existing MyQ system by connecting three wires. It not only provides the same garage door control as MyQ but also offers additional features, such as motion events, light control, and the ability to lock out wired remotes.

While we're disappointed to see the MyQ integration go, we remain hopeful for a more open and customer-centric future.

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