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New ameriDroid Store Front

New ameriDroid Store Front

Welcome to the new ameriDroid store front.  We have redesigned our store to be more user friendly and accommodate optional custom accounts that will allow you to keep track of all of your orders, status and shipping updates as well as allowing you to change your order before the fulfillment process gets underway.

ameriStore Front

We at ameriDroid would love to here your feedback as well as any changes you would like to see to make the checkout experience as seamless and easy as possible.  

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Bo - August 10, 2018


We haven’t finished adding bundled products to all the items yet. Normally, the bundled items will appear to the right when viewing the product page on a desktop browser, or below the item’s description when viewing it on mobile.

I’ll ask our web team to add the bundled products to the eMMC pages. Thanks for the suggestion!

Miguel - August 10, 2018

Where do you have bundled products?
For instance, you used to have this: 128 GB eMMC with MicroSD Adapter, and USB Adapter (0224, 0091, and 0106-NE) but now it doesn’t seem to be available?

It made things simpler especially when instructing someone else to buy the equipment.


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