New Kit: Linux Starter Kit ODROID-N2+

New Kit: Linux Starter Kit ODROID-N2+

This Linux Starter Kit  or ODROID-N2+ Starter Bundle comes with everything you need (including detailed instructions) to get your ODROID-N2+ up and running with Linux. If you are not sure what components besides the SBC (Single Board Computer) you need to get Linux up and running, this Kit is perfect for you! 


  • Setting up the system
  • Linux Gaming
  • Creating a Productivity Computer
  • Retrogaming with EmuElec
  • Troubleshooting
  • ODROID-N2+ (2GB or 4GB)
  • Power Supply 12V/2A
  • eMMC Module 16GB with Linux preinstalled
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module
  • N2+ Case
  • Ethernet Cable
  • eMMC Adapter
  • Coin Cell Battery
  • 16GB microSD Card

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