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New Product: ODROID-N2+ Announced!

New Product: ODROID-N2+ Announced!

The ODROID-N2+ has been announced. It is largely the same as its predecessor, the ODROID-N2, but with a big bump in performance, additional cooling options, an integrated RTC battery holder, and a reduced height due to optimized heatsink design.

The main upgrade is due to a speed boost on the S922X SoC due to a revised silicon design by Amlogic which allows more power to be applied to the higher-capacity cores.. This boost takes the 4 Cortex-A73 cores from 1.9GHz to 2.2GHz, a 22% speed improvement!

In addition, 300 sample boards have been tested at an overclocked speed of 2.4GHz with no issues detected on any of the samples. Although the 2.4GHz clock speed is not certified by Amlogic, the tests seem to indicate that 2.4GHz is possible on almost (if not all) of the revised S922X SoC chips, resulting in a 33% clock frequency boost over the original ODROID-N2.

During these overclocking tests, it was determined that the passive heatsink was still effective against throttling at normal room temperatures. In warmer environments, an active cooling fan is recommended to prevent throttling.

Formerly, the N2 required the pigtail-type RTC battery. The new N2+ now has an integrated CR2032 battery holder.

Dolphin emulator tests on Android showed a significant improvement in performance due to this speed boost.

In addition, Wayland-accelerated Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome Desktop is quite snappy!

Click here to read the full ODROID Forum post announcing the N2+.

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bigbrovar - July 20, 2020

Any idea when this would be available. I am about to pre-order one.

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