New Product: ODROID-N2 is Available for Order

New Product: ODROID-N2 is Available for Order

The newest ARM-based powerhouse in the ODROID family is the ODROID-N2. We've all been waiting for news of its general availability, and that time is now! We have received notification that the initial batch are finalizing production and making their way to our California warehouse for arrival in early April.

Make sure to place your order as soon as possible as we expect these to fly off the shelves.

ODROID-N2 Product Page

In the meantime, check out the unboxing at, and the great specs below that.






Crypto Engine

The ARMv8 architecture supports hardware accelerated crypto extensions for building a secure system. As expected, we could see very decent openSSL performance with ODROID-N2.
cmd: openssl speed sha256 (8KByte)



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