News: Pine H64 Model B

News: Pine H64 Model B


Due to miscommunication, we assumed the Pine H64 Model B was OS-compatible with the Pine-H64 Model A which was released last year.

In attempting to create a "How To" video for the H64-B, we were unable to successfully boot it using the most popular OS images for the H64-A which uses the same processor (Allwinner H6).

In communicating with Pine64, we determined that the OS images were not quite yet ready, so we've removed the ability for the "average Joe" to purchase them from at this time until we either (A) find an OS image that works, or (B) get an OS image to work.

However, if you would like to purchase the H64-B for development purposes or for other reasons not related to common use cases, please contact us with your request.

We are in contact with our customers who have already ordered boards from us about whether they would like to keep their boards and wait for an OS release, or return them for a refund.

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