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News: Pine64 Update on new and existing product developments

News: Pine64 Update on new and existing product developments

Head on over to the Pine64 Forum Product Update post for the latest news on upcoming products.


PinePhone - "On the kernel side, we still need to do some work, but display is working and so is mali; (...) we have been focusing primarily on graphics at this point (...). I’m currently working on putting together a fully working mainline rootfs. Once this is done i expect that unity8 and mir will just work."

PineTab - (Information not in the article, but included here for your info) "There have been two test samples from factory and we weren't happy with the quality of the LCD on either of them. Lets hope 'third times is the charm'."

Pinebook Pro - "[...] The hardware is coming nicely and should be ready for a final evaluation soon. The very rapid software development pace has come as a surprise even to us, as things stand we already have nearly completely functional OS images for the Pinebook Pro, which enable all the exposed features of the SOC. We currently hope to have the Pinebook Pro available for purchase early Summer … but this estimate depends on the new PCB testing well and us being happy with the quality of the chosen components."

Pine H64-B - "Support for the board is growing daily and I just today I got word of two other new images - one minimal one with a desktop environment - are heading our way.  There are already functional Armbian mainline images for the H6 SOC as well a mainline LibreELEC build (from jernej) that performs really quite well. While some work will still be required to make the board function at it optimal, it's very impressive how much work has gone into this SOC already and how much performance can be had in such a small form-factor."

Roshambo Retro Gaming Case - "The Roshambo retro-gaming cases, SSD Cartridges and controllers are rolling off of the production line and will be available shortly"

...and more at the forum post.

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