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News: PinePhone Feature Update

News: PinePhone Feature Update

We came across some interesting news just now from the founder of Pine64, TL Lim, regarding the production of the upcoming PinePhone Linux-based open smartphone. The notes below have been edited for clarity based on the information we received:
  • The production PinePhone design will start next week after the current week-long holiday in China.
  • The first task is for the PCB layout engineer to use the PinePhone Devkit 2.0 as a design along with the current schematic to make sure the PCB will fit into the mock-up case.
  • This process is expected to take approximately two weeks. Once confirmed, the case design will start based on the PCB layout and the 6" LCD panel.
  • The case will have a USB-C jack and a headphone jack on the bottom of the case.
  • The battery will be replaceable and based on the Samsung J-7 battery pack. Pine64 will be requesting the vendor to create a 3400mAH version of the battery, which is 400mAH more than the current Samsung version of the same dimensions.
  • Repair-friendly case: The user should be able to change parts with ease, ideally using only a single small Phillips screwdriver with an expected dismantling time of 5 minutes.
  • The back case should be removable by hand without tools.
  • Hardware enable/disable switches should be easily accessible inside the case.

This is exciting news coming from Pine64 for fans of Linux, privacy-centric smartphones, and user-repairable devices.

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Bo - November 15, 2019

@Brian, yes! We are planning to carry the serial adapter. You are speaking of the one that goes through the headphone port, correct?

Brian - November 15, 2019

Will you carry the PineBook/PinePhone serial adapter?

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