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News: PinePhone to Have Worldwide LTE and Larger 6" Screen

News: PinePhone to Have Worldwide LTE and Larger 6" Screen

According to official chatter on the PinePhone developer group, TL Lim has relayed two upgrades of great importance regarding the upcoming PinePhone's final design:

<tllim> decided to global LTE modem on the actual PinePhone even the module more expensive. This allows user to carry their PinePhone worldwide.

<tllim> Pinephone size now is 6" LCD size and no plan to get larger

<tllim> 6" is the max. originally planning is using 5.7" LCD panel but worry on the PCB compactness.

Formerly, using a modem with limited mobile frequencies was considered to hit the target MSRP of $149, but due in part to the worldwide popularity of this phone concept, TL Lim of Pine64 has decided to spec a significantly more expensive worldwide LTE modem on the PinePhone. There is no word yet on whether this will affect the target MSRP of the PinePhone.

Also, the touchscreen size of the PinePhone has been upgraded from 5.7" to 6.0" due to concerns about layout space on the PCB that will be inside the phone.

Stay tuned to the ameriBlog for the latest updates!

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