News: Try 17 Linux Distros with 1 microSD on the PinePhone

News: Try 17 Linux Distros with 1 microSD on the PinePhone


Trying out different operating systems on the PinePhone is as simple as flashing a bootable disk image to a microSD card, inserting it in the phone, and powering it on and the instructions for installing an OS to built-in storage are almost as simple.

Not sure which operating system you want to install though? That’s where a tool like Megi’s multi-distro demo image can come in handy. Instead of flashing a single operating system to a microSD card, this image lets you flash a whole bunch and then choose which one you want to run when you boot your phone.​

The available operating systems as of this writing are:

  • Arch Linux ARM 2021-06-02
  • Arch Linux ARM / dreemurrs 20210522
  • Fedora 0.5.0
  • Lune OS 2021-05-29
  • Maemo Leste 20210530
  • Manjaro / Phosh beta10
  • Manjaro / Plasma 20210602
  • Mobian 20210602
  • posmarketOS / Plasma Desktop 2021-06-02
  • posmarketOS / GNOME 2021-06-02
  • posmarketOS / Plasma Mobile v21.03-20210529
  • posmarketOS / Phosh v21.03-20210529
  • Sailfish 1.1- 20210601
  • posmarketOS / sxmo edge-20210526-0123
  • Ubuntu Touch 2021-05-27

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