News: Two Holiday Gifts from ameriDroid

News: Two Holiday Gifts from ameriDroid

Read to the bottom to learn about both Holiday gifts!

Our friend Robbie at recently got a 3d printer and asked for a custom-designed ornament to help keep his kittens from destroying his Christmas tree. We designed this ornament with a screw lid so aromatics like orange peel (which apparently kittens do not like) can be placed inside and the scent can get out.


We've published the 3d files for free on our MyMiniFactory site, so you can print it yourself if you have a 3d printer. If you don't have a 3d printer yet, prices are pretty low to get started and Santa is still taking requests, we hear!

As a side note, we were honored that recognized our ornament model as one of their "Top Picks" in their weekly design blog (scroll to the bottom to see our entry).

Watch's timelapse of the ornament below.


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