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News: US Customers Should Verify Certification Before Streaming

News: US Customers Should Verify Certification Before Streaming

(We picked up this story from CNX Software.)

For customers in the US planning to use a single board computer for streaming online content, it is important to verify that the products are FCC certified. While SBCs are generally sold as do-it-yourself kits for creating whatever is desired, it's always best to exercise an abundance of caution when dealing with regulatory agencies.

We work hard to verify that the products we carry have FCC certifications. For example, the ODROID certifications and Pine64 certifications can be found by going to the manufacturer's Wiki pages for those products, such as the ODROID-C2, WiFi Module 5A and ROCK64. Or, these compliance document links can be found more simply by going to the product page on, which will often be indicated with text such as:

Links to compliance documentation available at the bottom of this listing.

In the event that certification documents cannot be found on our page for that product, please contact and let us know so we can link the necessary documents.

Read the original article at CNX Software.

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