News: USA Today Says Smart TVs Track Your Viewing

News: USA Today Says Smart TVs Track Your Viewing


Your smart TV is watching you. And making money off you as well.

That’s why the prices of TVs have fallen so dramatically over the last five years.

A mix of lower LCD prices, more intense competition and new ways to profit off the consumer once the set enters our homes have turned the boob tube into something more like a razor. And we, the viewers, are the razor blades.

Bill Baxter, the Chief Technology Officer for TV set giant Vizio, referred to it as the "post-purchase monetization" of the TV on a recent podcast interview with the Verge

Translated, that means that more ads are coming at you via prominent branded movie and TV channels on smart TVs. These channels share ad revenues with set manufacturers like Vizio, Samsung, LG, an avenue that didn't exist in the pre-streaming era. They also profit by selling data of your viewing histories to programmers and marketers.

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Although this article is from 2019, it is still true today, and maybe even more so.

If you are truly concerned about your privacy, we at ameriDroid believe the best course of action is to turn off the WiFi on your smart TV and use a single board computer like the Khadas VIM3, ODROID-N2 or H64 Model B running de-Googled Android or CoreElec to stream your selected content. This way, your privacy is in your control.

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