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Project: Genome-Sequencing Cluster of ROCK64 Boards

Project: Genome-Sequencing Cluster of ROCK64 Boards

Check out this cluster of 16 ROCK64 boards used for genome-sequencing data analysis.

According to the OP:

  • All 16 loaded with OS and ready for action in the lab after a stress test.
  • Guppy is super efficient, but it doesn't include event data in the base called fast5s (apparently there is an option to do so, but doesn't seem to work). We aren't using these for base calling though.
  • We thought of [using a PoE switch and PoE HATs], but the price difference for a PoE vs. more cables was substantial.

Other contributors noted:

  • Many of the tools can all be done on a per read basis, or per cluster basis. So it's great to stream data through and dump the result on the other side.
  • [The USB Power Supply is] the ORICO 8 port Desktop USB charger 96 watt high speed. 5V2.4A * 8 output ORICO DUB-8P-PRO.
  • Maybe in a couple of years the global community will be able to solve the next complexity bump in nanopore sequencing quicker than ONT can. Bring on the 2Gb/s solid state MinIONs!
  • And my Pine64 is just a humble media server.
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