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Project: ODROID-N2+ & VU7A+ as In-Dash System for 2008 Renault

Project: ODROID-N2+ & VU7A+ as In-Dash System for 2008 Renault

Reddit user u/zyssai recently posted about their project to update the capabilities of their Renault Laguna III mk1 2008 with an ODROID-N2+ and ODROID-VU7A. The below information from u/zyssai is edited for readability.


It's powered with LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11). Everything is working, using Macrodroid app on my smartphone and automation for WiFi AP activation when vehicle ignition is on. Spotify, Google Maps [and other apps] can have full Internet access. With the N2+ GPIO port I can control vol +/-, track prev/next, luminosity, etc. with the original steering wheel controller. [See second video below for testing this aspect.] For the future, I will replace the amplifier with full digital amplifier.

Speaker Combo
[For power:] I have a small DIY board with some relays, powering the ODROID on after 5 seconds of ignition. It shutdowns properly after 20 seconds of ignition off. I added a 12v regulator to be sure the ODROID will have no damage.

A full DIY post is available at



Demo Video (in French)


Steering wheel controller test

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