Retro Gaming: Slash TV Stable 1 for ODROID-N2 / N2+

Retro Gaming: Slash TV Stable 1 for ODROID-N2 / N2+

From Tech Toy Tinker Company:

The latest build of Slash TV for the Odroid N2 and N2+.

This build has Moonlight, Parsec, Retroarch, Yabasanshiro, Mupen 64, Redream, PPSSPP, Prime Video, Kodi, Plex, Mame 0.139 stand alone, DIG front end, The kernel has been patched to allow Magisk to run. Audio Modification Library and Viper are installed to give the user greater control over the gain, bass, treble, tone, and effects of their audio playback.

The raw video shows emulation speed and some settings changes that can be made to improve performance.

Check out this build and more at Tech Toy Tinker Company's Slash TV page.

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