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Retro Gaming with ameriDroid (v2.0)

Retro Gaming with ameriDroid (v2.0)

By Daniel Franklin

(Updated earlier blog post article to outline new offerings)

The Retro Gaming fever is sweeping the world. People everywhere are reliving the glory days of the video game arcade, in their own homes and even on the go. Take a look at what is going on at ameriDroid: You no longer need quarters or an extensive collection of game cartridges to join the fun - just an inexpensive single board computer - and one of these cool cases (if you want to retro game in style). There is even a GameBoy-style, open source handheld console that allows you to take the sensation with you.


Let’s take a look at some of these cool new platforms:

OGST Gaming Console Case for XU4 (ODROID Game Station Turbo)


This case is designed for use with the powerful, Octa-core ODROID-XU4, using the OGST image available from HardKernel. Although other emulators can also be used, The OGST image takes full advantage of the LCD display on the front of the case, which can display a startup image and information about the games being played. This setup supports the play of games as far back as the original Atari game system, and as recent as the Nintendo64 and even Sony Playstation. This system also boasts 4 USB inputs for up to four players to play simultaneously, making those epic multiplayer battles we all love possible. 

Retroflag NESPi Raspberry Pi Case PLUS


Bringing us back to what is highly considered the most popular video game system of all time, almost everyone will recognize the design of this case. Utilizing the extremely popular Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Model B+, it offers a smaller form factor that is true to the original. Two USB controller inputs, available function of power and reset buttons via additional scripting, and support for multiple emulators make this case an instant classic.

Retroflag SUPERPi Raspberry Pi Cases


Remember Super Mario World? Well so does this case from Retroflag. For those of you that are craving that 1990’s vibe in your gaming center, look no further than these cases. Again using the popular Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and B+, and available in the classic Famicom or US versions, this case has everything the NESPi case has, updated for the grunge generation. As with the NESPi case, power and reset button functionality are available with a little extra scripting. The game cartridge slot even opens to offer physical storage for microSD cards.

Retroflag MegaPi Raspberry Pi Case


For all you Sonic devotees, this case pays homage to the gaming system that was quite possibly the most popular 16-bit console of all. Spawning some of the most popular titles of the 1990's, it was an instant classic with gamers the world over. Now you can harness the classic styling, updated for the 21st century and designed for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and B+. Featuring safe shutdown and safe reset capability, with functional power and reset buttons, and even the red LED indicator, the MegaPi case is true to the original. It also provides easy access to the microSD card and all other ports without opening the case.




This Do-It-Yourself handheld gaming kit is one of our most popular sellers! You build the handheld gaming system yourself, learning about the components and their functions in the process. Not only does the ODROID-GO offer retro gaming fun, but it has Arduino functionality, MicroPython programming, and a host of projects involving different sensors, servos, and more. All this from a handheld unit small enough to fit in your pocket and take anywhere you ODROID-GO!


Gaming Controllers



Looking for the right controller for the right console? Here at ameriDroid, we have you covered. Whether it is a modern analog joystick controller with vibration motors, or a classic controller from the 80's and 90's, we have a perfect fit for you. The GameSir G3 offers all the features that modern gaming systems require, while the Retroflag line of controllers are true to the feel and appearance of the original controllers; Completing the classic retro-gaming experience. No matter what your preference, we have the right controller to keep you in the action.

Looking for a challenge or extra modding points? Although many of these cases specify Raspberry Pi as the target system, many of the other Raspberry Pi form factor systems can probably be made to work in these cases. Are you up to the challenge? If so, we'd love to hear about your results!

Retro Gaming is the wave of the future...Or is it a blast from the past? Check out ameriDroid's Retro Gaming section and decide for yourself

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