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Review: ODROID-N2+ Outperforms Ryzen 3600 According to Psiborg

Review: ODROID-N2+ Outperforms Ryzen 3600 According to Psiborg

From our customer, Psiborg:

All of the tests used Sysbench version 1.0.18, which I made sure is visible in the screenshots. Versions of Ubuntu visible too.

Just to show the AMD computer is no slouch, here is more info. Motherboard is Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming, DDR4 at 3766 and CL14, NVME V.3 boot drive. All custom water cooling loop. With SMT ON the Ryzen 3600 boosts to 4.25 single core, 4.05 multi core. With SMT OFF the Ryzen 3600 boosts 4.25 single core, 4.15 multi core.

My ODROID-N2+ is clocked Big@2.4 and Little@2.016 and has a single quiet fan.

Each round of tests used three Sysbench tests. I did this for the Ryzen 3600 with SMT ON ( 6 cores/12 threads), Ryzen 3600 SMT OFF (6 cores only, clocks higher), and the standard ODROID-N2+ overclocked. [See results table and screenshots below -Editor]

sysbench cpu run

sysbench cpu --threads=6 run

sysbench cpu --threads=6 cpu-max-threads=20000 --events=10000 run

I wanted to highlight that I consistently show the Ryzen using about 75 watts at 100% load, CPU only! The ODROID-N2+ uses about 5 watts SYSTEM WIDE under full load.

I have an install guide on the forums at - In the bottom of the guide I have these screenshots and some captions. The only way the Ryzen 3600 could pull ahead is with SMT OFF.

I should also mention I have a heavy tune on my BIOS for performance. As in many, many hours spent tweaking, recording, and testing until I squeezed every last frame per second from it. I also run an unlocked, overclocked Radeon 5700 that beats most 5700XT scores.


Result Table:

Sysbench Tests
(Results are the total events performed unless otherwise specified)
ODROID-N2+ Ryzen 3600 Ryzen 3600 SMT OFF
Single Thread
(Higher is Better)
22438 17303 20868
Six Threads
(Higher is Better)
109401 96165 123607
Six Threads
Max Prime 20000
(Lower is Better)
2.2482 sec. 2.6464 sec. 2.1447 sec.

Sysbench Screenshots:

ODROID-N2+ Single-Thread:


Ryzen 3600 Single Thread:


Ryzen 3600 Single Thread (SMT OFF):


ODROID-N2+ Six Threads:


Ryzen 3600 Six Threads:

Ryzen 3600 Six Threads (SMT OFF):


ODROID-N2+ Six Thread (Max Prime 20,000):


Ryzen 3600 Six Threads (Max Prime 20000):


Ryzen 3600 Six Threads (Max Prime 20000) (SMT OFF):

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Patrick Vetter - January 11, 2021

You meant “cpu-max-prime= 20000” not “cpu-max-threads=20000”

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