SALE: ODROID-N2 Price Reduction!

SALE: ODROID-N2 Price Reduction!

Save up to $10 on an ODROID-N2!

Also, add a 32GB SanDisk microSD card to your cart along with an ODROID-N2 2GB unit and receive the microSD card FOR FREE -- no coupon code needed! Free 32GB microSD for a limited time only, and only on the 2GB model!

Click the image below to see our new sale prices!

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Bo - January 6, 2020

Dave, we keep getting batches of N2 4GB units in, and they sell out before the next batch arrives. The best bet is to place an order and it will be fulfilled when the next batch arrives. We’ve been receiving batches every couple of weeks.

Dave Stenhouse - January 6, 2020

Website indicates the 4GB model is out of stock. Whether it’s still out of stock, or once again out of stock I can’t know. Any idea when we’ll see the 4GB model available?

Bo - August 26, 2019

Looks like we’re expecting the shipment to arrive on Wed Aug 28, 2019.

Joshua Wolfe Mallow - August 26, 2019

Any idea when the 4GB model will be back in stock?

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