Smart Home Contest 2021

Smart Home Contest 2021

Shelly’s biggest strength has always been its unmatched community. We learn together and we grow together! All of you – our Shelly customers – have always been my biggest inspiration. In numerous occasions I’ve been inspired by a creativity that knows no limits. And now I invite you to show that once again by taking part of Shelly Smart Home Contest!

Dimitar Dimitrov
CEO, Allterco

How to participate:

  • Create your smart home project, be creative! Build a uniqueShelly Button1 home automation project with an original idea, using Shelly devices. Show how they can be used to make life easier and more exciting. There are no limitations on the number of Shellies used in your project.
  • Document it, take a photo/video or write an article of your project with step-by-step guide for its execution. Then, upload it on an internet platform where it will be accessible for everyone (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Reddit, DIY home automation platforms, etc.)
  • Submit your project, fill in the submission form here, providing with a direct link to your project.


  • 1st place: 250
  • 2nd place: 150€
  • 3rd place: 100
  • Most innovative: 100€
  • All submitted projects will be awarded with a 20 Euro voucher code.


  • All submitted projects will be published by Shelly with a name, short introduction, and a link to the full project description, provided by its author.
  • Shelly team will provide a selection of internally pre-selectedShelly Motion “Recommended by Shelly” projects.
  • Visitors will be able to vote for their favorite project though a poll in this web page. Only 1 vote per person will be allowed.
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