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Unveiling Two Exciting Home Assistant Bundles at ameriDroid: A Seamless Entry into Smart Home Automation

Unveiling Two Exciting Home Assistant Bundles at ameriDroid: A Seamless Entry into Smart Home Automation

At ameriDroid, we're thrilled to introduce two new Home Assistant Bundles designed to make your foray into smart home automation both affordable and effortless. Whether you're a Home Assistant novice or a seasoned enthusiast, these bundles provide an excellent starting point for creating a feature-rich and responsive smart home environment.

  1. Home Assistant Basic Bundle ODROID-C4 4GB/32GB MicroSD Card:
  • Affordable and Accessible: Our Home Assistant Basic Bundle is the most budget-friendly option on the market, offering an easy and cost-effective way to kickstart your Home Assistant journey, this Bundle is only $89.95.

  • Ready to Roll: The bundle comes complete with an ODROID-C4 boasting 4GB of RAM, 4 USB Ports, and a generous 32GB MicroSD Card pre-loaded with Home Assistant, which makes troubleshooting and reflashing way easier.

  • Powerful Features: The ODROID-C4 ensures a responsive and powerful performance, making it an ideal device for running Home Assistant with a myriad of features.

  • Comprehensive Package: Alongside the ODROID-C4, the bundle includes essential accessories such as an Ethernet Cable, RTC Shield with RTC Battery, a durable Polycarbonate Plastic Case, and a reliable Power Supply.

  • Hassle-Free Setup: AmeriDroid technicians assemble and test each bundle in California, providing you with an illustrated color instruction guide for a seamless setup process and possible troubleshooting.

  1. Home Assistant Starter SONOFF Bundle ODROID-C4 4GB/32GB MicroSD Card:
  • Building on Basics: The Home Assistant Starter SONOFF Bundle takes the foundation of the Home Assistant C4 Basic Bundle and elevates it with additional SONOFF Zigbee components for an expanded smart home experience.

  • SONOFF Integration: Receive a SONOFF Zigbee USB Module that seamlessly integrates into any of the ODROID-C4's 4x USB Ports, enhancing connectivity and functionality.

  • Diverse Sensor Range: Explore the possibilities with two SONOFF Zigbee Motion Sensors, two SONOFF Zigbee Temperature & Humidity Sensors, two SONOFF Zigbee Smart Switches (ZBMINI), two SONOFF Zigbee Smart Plugs US (S31 Lite ZB), and two SONOFF Zigbee Wireless Door/Window Sensors.

  • Comprehensive Package: The bundle includes all components of the Home Assistant C4 Basic Bundle, ensuring you have everything you need for a comprehensive smart home setup.

  • Note: SONOFF product selection may vary based on stock availability.

Embark on your smart home journey with confidence and ease by choosing one of our Home Assistant Bundles at ameriDroid. Whether you opt for the essential Home Assistant C4 Basic Bundle or the enhanced Home Assistant Starter SONOFF Bundle, you're guaranteed a seamless and powerful smart home automation experience. Assembled and tested by our dedicated technicians in California, ameriDroid brings you the perfect entry point into the exciting world of Home Assistant.

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