Upcoming Product: Pinebook Pro Development Update

Upcoming Product: Pinebook Pro Development Update

The upcoming Pinebook Pro is looking to be a very capable "daily driver" laptop that is suitable for handling the needs of the average user.

Here, we can see the Pinebook Pro running an updated OS based off of Debian with desktop GPU acceleration, Chromium web acceleration, and more! See yesterday's blog post for more details about the OS features.

Stay tuned to our blog for future updates, and we'll be carrying this and other compelling products as soon as they are available!

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ameriDroid - March 28, 2019


Yes. ameriDroid will stock the Pinebook Pro as soon as it is available. At this time, it looks like late July or early August 2019 is the expected release date.

Jesse Rogers - March 28, 2019

Is there a chance Ameridroid will stock the Pinebook Pro?!

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