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Upcoming Product: Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop for $199

Upcoming Product: Pinebook Pro Linux Laptop for $199

Information gathered directly from the Pine64 Forum (with minor edits for clarity and brevity):

The Pinebook Pro target release is late May or early June. We need to re-spin the Pinebook Pro schematic to resolve some minor issues and also deliver prototype units to key OS developers.

Now that FOSDEM is over, we've had some time to check out Pinebook Pro thermal profiling and also battery run times. I predict it will have 5-6 hours on a single charge and will post my finding next week.

Credit to FireEater64 for this picture of the internals of the Pinebook Pro on display at FOSDEM:

"I (forum user 'Selden') zoomed in and rotated (but didn't un-keystone) one of the stock images for a close up of the PBP keyboard. In principle, I like the idea of discrete Backspace and Del keys, and there appears to be a "Menu" key on the left, between Fn and Alt, and it looks like Alt-Esc puts it to sleep. Both the Google Pixelbook and the Remix keyboards had dedicated menu keys, which is an idea that I like a lot. For $200, I can live without back lighting."

More thoughts are available via the Forbes article on the Pinebook Pro.


Count on ameriDroid to carry this product as soon as it is available. In the meantime, check out our great selection of products from Pine64 if you want to get started with the Pine64 ecosystem immediately.

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