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Upcoming Product: PinePhone - Additional Details

Upcoming Product: PinePhone - Additional Details

Information gathered directly from the Pine64 Forum (with minor edits for clarity and brevity):

This is the likely look of the PinePhone when it comes out (some changes likely).

On top: Headphone jack, on bottom: USB-C (video output, data, quick charge 5v), 5Mpx cam on back with flash, 2Mpx cam on front, volume rocker and lock screen on right leading edge of phone. Speaker position is yet to be decided, but likely on the back of case as shown in the render. The back cover of the phone is treated plastic.

The production phone will have a 6" LCD; the display is behind fused tempered glass.

The Quectel modem will be soldered to the mainboard to maintain the slim 8.5mm thickness, so it will not be replaceable.

The price will be approximately $150. The OS it will ship with will likely be Ubuntu Touch, running mainline kernel (current development uses 5.0 rc). The battery will be user replaceable - privacy switches will also be located under the back cover. There is a microSD slot that can be used for storage, but its also bootable from microSD in case you want to try out a build without erasing the built-in eMMC.

The PinePhone single-charge run time is a concern; the ability to use the PinePhone for a full day is extremely challenging without extensive software and hardware optimizations.


Count on ameriDroid to carry this product as soon as it is available. In the meantime, check out our great selection of products from Pine64 if you want to get started with the Pine64 ecosystem immediately.

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