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Upcoming Product: Roshambo Retro Gaming Kit

Upcoming Product: Roshambo Retro Gaming Kit

(From the FOSDEM 2019 Blog announcement from Pine64 -- with minor edits)

We’re very excited to announce that our Chinese counterpart - Roshambo - will be producing retro-gaming add-ons and peripherals for PINE64 hardware (PINE64 is a US company based in Fremont, California). The first in what we hope will be a range of add-ons and gear is a Super Famicom inspired case that fits the Rock64, the RockPro64, the Pine H64-B, the ASUS Tinkerboard, the Raspberry Pi 3B, and other compatible boards.

The power and reset switches on the Roshambo case are functional and, with the help of a script, also allow for a safe shutdown via GPIO pins. The cartridge slot and eject button are also functional, and we will offer 128GB and 256GB SSDs shaped as cartridges for the Roshambo case. These cartridges use a standard SATA connector and can be used both as bootable drives (on the Rock64 / RockPro64 if uboot is flashed to SPI) or as storage. The Roshambo case includes a SATA to USB 3.0 connector in the cartridge slot for fast transfer between the cartridge and the board and network via GbE.

Last but not least, there will be matching controllers available for the Roshambo case. The controllers allude in their aesthetics to the SNES controllers that we all know and love, but they also include contemporary inputs, such as analog sticks and analog triggers. The controllers feature a 3 meter long USB 2.0 cable and are made out of matching plastics with the iconic blue, green, red and yellow face buttons.


  • Super Famicom inspired case
  • All buttons and switches functional
  • SATA port in cartridge slot
  • Cartridge-shaped SSDs (128GB / 256GB)
  • Matching SNES-inspired controllers with analogue triggers and buttons
  • Safe shutdown functionality via GPIO
  • Rock64, RockPro64, Pine H64-B and Raspberry Pi compatibility
  • Target price for case: $29.99
  • Target price for controller: $12.99
  • Target price for cartridge SSDs: 128GB $24.99 / 256GB $39.99

We have plans to further explore the retro-gaming market in 2019 and we will be making more announcements down the line. The Roshambo case is a first step in what we hope to be a long-term endeavor.

Some boards that may work in this case include: ASUS Tinkerboard and Tinkerboard S, RockPro64, ROCK64, Raspberry Pi, Pine H64-B, ODROID-C0, ODROID-C1 and C1+, and ODROID-C2.

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