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5V/4A Power Supply

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The preferred power supply for the XU / XU+E / XU Lite / XU3 / XU3 Lite / XU4 and VU8.


  • 100-240VAC input
  • 5V/4A DC output
  • Switching-mode power adapter
  • 5.5 Outer(-) Diameter/2.1mm Inner(+) Diameter Barrel Connector

The design/shape of the power supply housing can change without notice.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Seems to work fine

I use this adapter with XU4Q/Lineage OS/Kodi and a small USB speaker to watch news. It runs for days with no issues so far. The price is very competitive. The shipping cost is a bit high though.

Yossi Henn
Bad power supply

This 5v, 4A power supply does not supply even 3 Amps when it is loaded by Odroid HC1 SBC.

You may have received a faulty unit. Our customer service department will contact you to arrange a replacement.

Cheap quality adapter

Tested this adapter out and it supplied a stable voltage at full draw of about 4 amps without issue.

Great stuff and shipped quickly. A+