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WHO WE ARE was founded in 2014 as a distributor of ODROID brand single board computers (SBC) and accessories to serve the North American market, and we wanted to provide quick and inexpensive shipping options. Shortly after this, we found that many other countries didn't have quick and inexpensive shipping choices, so we expanded our services worldwide.

Since then, we've continued adding to our product offerings by curating the best offerings on the market and streamlining our shipping services by partnering with the best international carriers at the lowest cost.

We've added additional staff to make sure your order is processed quickly, your questions are answered promptly, and your shopping experience is top notch in the industry.

We now specialize in working with commercial customers on their high-volume purchasing requirements, and for makers who are bringing their creations to the mass market.

Thanks for trusting with your SBC needs, and related accessories!



Maybe your story is similar.

Santa answered a 7-year-old's letter with a shiny soldering iron.  Before long, he was taking apart electronics and salvaging the parts to make a crystal radio.  He hooked up the antenna lead to his aluminum window screen next to his bed (for better reception) and listened to AM radio stations through an earphone (mono, of course) as he drifted off to sleep dreaming of his next electronics project.

We live in a wonderful time. A time where technology is less a deciding factor on what we can invent, as long as we can imagine it.  A time when powerful computing starts way less than $100.

We love inventing things. A lot of our ideas require computing power. Therefore, we love single-board computers.

When it comes to single-board computers, microcontrollers, and related electronics, and you want the best for less, come to ameriDroid!