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M.2 to PCIe Adapter - Straight

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Convert an M.2 NVMe slot to a PCIe x16 slot.


  • 10cm overall cable length
  • M.2 PCB attaches securely with your system's NVMe locking screw
  • PCIe slot is powered through M.2 connector, plus additional power can be supplied through power header
  • Includes SATA power to 4-pin power cable (only necessary when utilizing especially power-hungry PCIe cards)


  • From our understanding, M.2 can provide at maximum 4x capability.
  • Although this adapter provides a 16x slot, the M.2 slot on the device may not. Please check with the specifications of the device to determine how many PCIe lanes are supported on the M.2 slot.
  • We've utilized this adapter to connect 10Gbps Ethernet cards to the ODROID-H2, and have achieved nearly full 10Gbps bandwidth.
  • This model was designed and extensively tested to provide top quality and compatibility between devices, including the Khadas VIM3.
  • This high-quality adapter should work with most 16x or lower PCIe cards (including graphics cards) and most M.2 NVMe-equipped systems.
  • Although it may be possible to physically connect a particular PCIe card to an M.2 NVMe-equipped system using this adapter, software drivers need to exist for the PCIe card on the NVMe-equipped system's OS.
  • Picture showing ODROID-H2 with 10Gbps network card attached is for demonstration purposes (ODROID-H2 and 10Gbps network card available separately).

Manufacturer's warranty is valid for 30 days from date of receipt.

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