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ROCKPro64 Slim Profile Graphene Heatsink

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This extremely slim Graphene-coated Heat Sink for the ROCKPro64 Single Board Computer has a slim profile design of only 1.2mm thick, and is well-suited to cases with limited height such as the Pine64 Playbox case.


  • This heatsink is not the best choice if you have clearance for a larger heatsink, and is intended to dissipate heat when running light workloads.
  • Thermal pad or compound required to allow efficient transfer of heat -- Please consider purchasing the "Thermal Compound" from the "Recommended Accessories" section on this page

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great heatsink for when you don't have much clearance

This is not the best choice if you have plenty of room for a tall heat sink or a heat sink with a fan. But if you don't have much clearance for your project, this is much better than no heatsink at all. And it uses graphene, which means it has super powers! ;-p

Lance Vermilion
Does not do enough to be useful

Go with the full height heat sink or the medium with the fan. If you have an intensive workload you will be running a lot on the rockpro64 then go with the full height heat sink with a fan.

Hello L. Thank you for that honest review. These are for light work loads so I will update that to make it clear. Again apologies for not providing that information sooner.