C0/C1/C1+/C2 Tinkering Kit


You're probably itching to put together some fun embedded computer projects with the ODROID-C1, ODROID-XU4 with Shifter Shield, or other SBC with Raspberry Pi compatible 40-pin GPIO header.  You need an add-on T-breakout prototype board to provide easy access to all those GPIO, I2C and ADC pins from the 40-pin header onto a solderless breadboard.  This set will allow super-easy prototype development.


  • Assembled T-breakout PCB - 40pin GPIO breakout board
  • Breadboard contains 630 tie points with dual power lanes
  • 40pin ribbon cable - IDC flat cable 100mm
  • 40pin male-to-male Dupont jumper wires 170mm
  • (7x) green LED 3mm
  • (7x) yellow LED 3mm
  • (7x) red LED 3mm
  • (2x) photocell (CdS light sensor)
  • (6x) tactile switches
  • (50x) 330 ohm 1/6W resistors
  • (50x) 10 Kohm 1/6W resistors
  • Compatible with the ODROID-XU4 / XU3 / XU3-Lite when using the XU4 Shifter Shield
  • Pin numbers marked on the T-Header are specifically for the ODROID models. While this may be used with any 40-pin header system, pin numbers may different on other systems.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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