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Select the "Starter Bundle Size" option, and we'll preimage the microSD with our favorite OGS retro gaming system, and we'll also include a USB-C power supply (US Plug), USB-C Cable, and WiFi Module!

Use coupon code OGS-STARTER at checkout for $10 off any of the bundles!

The ODROID-GO Super (OGS) is an upgraded version of the very popular ODROID-Go Advance retrogaming handheld. The LCD size has been increased from 3.5 inches to a 5 inch tempered glass display, and the resolution has been increased from 320x480 to 854×480 pixels. The battery has been increased from 3000mAh to 4000mAh allowing continuous gameplay for hours.

The OGS is pre-assembled at the factory instead of being a DIY kit. Support for faster USB WIFI+BT has also been improved. The micro-SD card slot has been changed from a friction design to push-push (spring eject).

An 8GB or higher capacity microSD card is required to install the operating system and games. Select a Starter Bundle option to get a microSD preimaged with the operating system.


Processor CPU : RockChip RK3326(Quad-Core ARM 64bit Cortex-A35 1.3GHz)
GPU : Mali-G31 MP2
OS Ubuntu 18.04. 19.10 and 20.04 on Kernel 4.4 Aarch64
Modified EmulationStation front-end with Libretro. GPU accelerated OpenGL-ES on DRM-FB
Memory 1GB (DDR3L 786Mhz, 32 Bits bus width)
Storage SPI Flash(16Mbytes Boot), Micro SD Card slot(UHS-1 Capable interface)
Display 5inch 854×480 TFT LCD (Wide viewing angle display, MIPI-DSI interface)
Audio Earphone stereo jack, 0.5Watt 8Ω Mono speaker
Battery Li-Polymer 3.7V/4000mAh(76.5×54.5×7.5mm(L*W*T)), Up to 10 hours of continuous game playing time
DC Jack 5V input, USB-C power connector : A USB -C charging cable is included in the package.
Maximum drawing current: 1.5Amp

External I/O USB 2.0 Host x 1, 10Pin port(I2C, GPIO, IRQ at 3.3Volt)
Input Buttons F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, A, B, X, Y, Direction Pad, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Shoulder2, Right Shoulder2, Analog joystick, Analog joystick2
Wireless Optional USB WiFi adapter
Power consumption Game emulation: 350 ~ 600mA (depends on backlit brightness and type of game emulations and the wireless usage), Power off mode: <1mA
Charging time 3.4 ~ 4 hours when the device turns off. When you play game, it takes 4.5 ~ 5.5 hours.
Dimensions 204x86x25 mm, Weight: 280 g (10 oz)


Header P2 Description


Pin # GPIO Type Function Sysfs #
6 3.0V POWER
10 5.0V POWER



  • The ODROID-Go Super can be forced to power off by pushing the on/off button for about 6 seconds.
  • There are minor changes as of 29th of July, 2021. The size of analog joysticks are bigger and the color of black buttons are changed to gray.



En Español:

Overview video of EmuElec - including installation

Review from ETA Prime

Installation video (for ODROID-Go Advance which is identical except make sure to use an ODROID-Go Super image instead of the ODROID-Go Advance image)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Just what I wanted.

This was my first "retro handheld" purchase. I saw an article on this on OMG! Ubuntu! and decided to look into. I was looking for a "handheld" I could use for playing PS1 and a few other games, so I didn't have to rely on my Android phone so much; the touchscreen controls can be quite aggravating.

Ordered this from AmeriDroid. Shipping was quite affordable and arrived over the weekend. Although the SD card they flashed for me was perfectly fine, I ended up needing more space. So I took a 512 GB card I wasn't using and flashed Hard Kernel's Ubuntu 18.04 image tailored for the OGS. I had no problems transferring my ROMs on either card.

This device is just what I was looking for. I wasn't planning on emulating games past the PS1, so I'm satisfied with the hardware. Thank you to Hard Kernel for making the OGS, and AmeriDroid for their quality service.

Casi perfecta.

Without a doubt, it is the best OGA console on the market.

strong points:

its spectacular screen, it looks really very good.
its weight and ergonomics.
your battery is weak.


speaker and only one, and above behind.
it does not have vibration
it does not have internal wifi
small d-pad and ABXY buttons

I have made some modifications and I have made it very beautiful.

more photos:

Super nice modification job based on the photos and the forum post!

Timon Stacy
Amazing overall with some minor flaws.

I've had this for a week now and I absolutely love it. The big screen is really nice to use and the overall size of the device and button layout are super comfortable. The screen looks really nice and the battery lasts forever. My main complaint with this device is I wish the dpad and buttons were a bit bigger since they had the room. But after playing with it for a bit it became less of an issue than I thought. I ended up getting used to it. Also, the thumbsticks may be less than desirable but I haven't used them much personally and I see a lot of people swap them out for vita sticks pretty easily. I would recommend you get the WiFi adapter too. It's unfortunate it doesn't have one built-in but I also didn't find it too big of an issue. You only need it for a few things you typically won't do often. Still a good idea to get one but it not being built in wasn't a big deal for me. Despite those flaws, I'd still give it 5 stars as for me it works so perfectly when playing SNES and GBA games outdoors. Also ordering from AmeriDroid was really nice with the good shipping speed. The candy that came with it was also a nice surprise.

It's nice but the battery sucks

It's the first handheld I bought for emulation purpose based on recommendation and I already regret it. For the price in Canada with import ($180) the battery is already dead after not even a month, and it's basically a brick unless I use it with the power cord always attached. They offered a replacement battery, which is a nice gesture, but paying for shipping and import fee again is just insane at this point since it will cost another estimated $30 and for this price I could have bought a used Switch Lite and do the same thing. So I'll try to find something locally.

Nonetheless, for the 3 weeks I used it, it's a nice device with a nice big crisp screen that plays pretty much everything you throw at it.

Thanks for your review, and sorry for the unfortunate outcome. We wish we could send you a spare battery via carrier pigeon or something less expensive than standard shipping services offer.

We're sure you know that your battery experience is non-standard. We've sold thousands of units, and only have had a handful with defective batteries. We only had gotten 10 spare batteries, and we still have a few left as of the writing of this.

With a little bit of work, is easily the best RK3326 handheld

My initial impression of the handheld wasn't a great one - sure, the screen looks great, but the dpad and buttons are a little too mushy, and the analog sticks are about as cheap as you can get. But, between the screen and larger battery space, I felt that it had potential.

However - with some simple drop-in-place mods, the experience is drastically improved. Ordering some aftermarket conductive rubber pads designed for the Gameboy Color for the dpad, face and function buttons improves the basic usage, and the analog sticks are drop-in replacements for PSVita sticks. A few Firmewares now allow for overclocking, so an inexpensive heatsink will help keep the CPU and RAM cool during heavier sessions And if you get one with the clear case, they're heavily customizable, since you can paint or dye the shell.

All in all, I would say don't get one of these unless you want something to tinker around with. There are other RK3326 handhelds that provide a better out of the box experience - but none quite with the potential of this one.

Brian, thanks for your honest review! Keep in mind that the OGS was designed at an entry-level price and with tinkering in mind, so while other handhelds may have a more premium feel, they also have a more premium price, and less flexibility.