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USB Mini Microphone

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Tiny USB Microphone for your Single Board Computer, laptop or desktop!


  • Advanced digital USB provides superior clarity with the simplicity of a single USB plug & play connection.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone filters out unwanted background noise.
  • Sensitivity: -67 dBV/pBar, -47 dBV/Pascal +/-4dB
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 16kHz
  • Systems with only a microUSB port available will need a USB OTG adapter cable to use this item.


Ubuntu MATE

  • Insert the USB microphone
  • Open MATE Terminal
  • Enter sudo alsamixer
  • Press F6 to select USB PnP Sound Device
  • Right-click speaker icon on Desktop Panel and select Sound Preferences
  • Click Input tab and select CM108 Audio Controller Analog Mono

To record from the command line (enter all on one line):
arecord -d 2 -f S16_LE -r 44100 -t wav --device=iec958:CARD=Device,DEV=0 test.wav
To play file created above from the command line:
aplay test.wav
To amplify or reduce volume on recording:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install sox
sox test.wav test2.wav vol 3 dB
(The above command increases the volume by 3 dB and saves it in a file called test2.wav)
Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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