VU7 Front Bezel (3D Printed)



  • Fits the ODROID-VU7 touchscreen
  • ABS or PLA Plastic
  • 3D printed on high-end enthusiast 3D printers at a resolution of 0.25mm layer height or better - each unit is printed individually, and as such may have imperfections.
  • Includes front bezel only.

This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit - some modifications and finishing touches may need to be performed.
Does not include screws or other hardware.
    3D-printed items may have small imperfections and cosmetic flaws. These imperfections will not interfere with the performance or fit of the parts. 


    Interesting Fact: Each front bezel takes close to 3 hours to print on our higher speed printer! 

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